Who Are We

We speak a lot about being Bold, Sexy Glam, Chic...
But Who is city chic?
We are bold
We are sexy
We are glam
We are chic
We are confident
we are curvy
We are fashionable
We are fun
We are inspiring
We are fierce

We are... City Chic.

"Sometimes you just need to create what you want to be a part of"

City Chic is about living life to its fullest, taking chances. We create an atmosphere that is "bold, confident and inspiring", whilst taking risks and pushing the boundaries to be fun, fashionable and fearless. Forget the everyday norm; it’s time to empower women across the globe to embrace who they are with our bold, sexy, glam and chic style With City Chic, there’s no abiding by the ‘rules’ of fashion only the rules of "fit". It is in everything we do; from our quintessential shopping experience to our design collection with a unique to chic fit, fabric and print mix.

In our own words "A girl should be 2 things… Confidently Curvy with a Passion for Fashion"

With the acquisition of "City Chic" in 2006 it was time for a new direction to a fashion forward "City Chic". Too long had we heard a curvy girl's story of a passion for fashion and nowhere to shop the hottest trends. It was time to kick start a revolution….It was time for confidently curvy girls to unite their passion for fashion. With that City Chic grew from 6 to over 100 stores across Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and America, becoming the leading global plus size fashion, denim, dress and lingerie retailer with a unique to chic fit, fabric and print mix.

City Chic means confidence, powerful beauty, independent style and trying new things.



Unique to Chic


Bold, Sexy, Glam & Chic